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A Guide To...Mathematics & Computer Science: Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty

 Academic Honesty



"Plagiarism is the act of taking the words, ideas, data, illustrative material, or statements of someone else, without full and proper acknowledgment, and presenting them as one's own."        

- From the Holy Cross Academic Honesty Policy. 


The following are examples of plagiarism, all of which can and will result in disciplinary action: 

•·         Download essays or research papers from the Internet and submit them as your own work

•·         Do an assignment or write an essay/paper for another person

•·         Copy someone else's homework or allow someone to copy yours

•·         Allow another student or individual to write an essay or do an assignment for you

•·         Copy an article from the internet and submit it, or parts of it, as your own work

•·         "Cut and paste" from the Internet into your own work

•·         Purchase an essay or research paper over the Internet

•·         Use illustrations, diagrams or statistical tables in your work without acknowledging your source

•·         Paraphrase, or reword a text without proper citation to indicate it is an indirect reference (by using a footnote/endnote or parenthetical reference)

•·         Do not acknowledge help you received on an assignment, such as editing and proofreading

•·         Properly cite only part of a quotation and imply that the rest of the quotation is your own idea

•·         Use "concepts, ideas or conclusions that are not intuitively obvious and are not your own" (


Don't Do It !!!             Give Credit!!! 

Tips on How to Paraphrase

  • Use synomyms for the author's words
  • Summarize what the author is saying in your own words
  • Change word form
  • Change the word order
  • Change verb tense from passive to active
  • Reword the statement using the opposite, reverse or negative text, but don't change the meaning
  • Don't change proper names or special terms
  • You MUST still give credit to the author or original when paraphrasing, but you don't need to use quotation marks around the material as paraphrased.


Acknowledgement: Xavier University Library XU.tutor