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A Guide To...Mathematics & Computer Science: Full Text for a Citation

Research Information

Do you have an article citation, but need to find the full text article?

Steps to Finding the Full Text Article...

  • When you have a specific journal or article to find, check the Holy Cross Libraries' Catalog by searching in the TITLE field for the JOURNAL NAME (not the article name) to determine if the journal is available in print or electronic format: HC Catalog
  • If the catalog does not produce positive results, check the Electronic Journals A-Z List by searching for the Journal name (not the article name) in the "Find" box.
  • Check the publisher's web site for open access to the journal. Use a search engine such as Google to search for the journal by article name. You can also search by the JOURNAL NAME, andIn the search results, select the journal's web site to see if the publisher gives free access to any or all of issues of the journal. 
  • Check WorldCat to determine if other libraries have access to the journal. Most of the time, electronic format will not be available off-campus, but you may choose to travel to an area library to use their resources on their campus, or to access the print version of the journal if that is the format they have available. 
  • If none of the above steps produce produce positive results, order the article through InterLibrary Loan

    Fast Delivery Service allows us to obtain articles very quickly-- sometimes the same day, usually within 48 hours. 

    Convential Interlibrary loan may take up to 2 weeks to obtain many items, especially during periods of time when many students are conducting research. 

    NOTE: At busy times of the semester, it may take longer than normal for requests to be processed.