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Faculty Guide to Library & Archives Services

New to the college? Just back from sabbatical?  Can't remember where to go to get the help you need at the library?  This guide will point you in the right direction.

About Montserrat & Department Liaisons

Your department librarian will be in touch regularly with updates from Holy Cross Libraries, especially resources and services that may be of interest to your department.

In addition to the department librarians, the Libraries have a designated First Year Engagement Librarian, who can assist faculty with incorporating information literacy into the curriculum or extracurricular activities. 

Find Your Librarian




Accounting  Elizabeth Pawlowski 508.793.3473
Africana Studies Jennifer Whelan 508.793.2254
Anthropology Elizabeth Pawlowski 508.793.3473
Architectural Studies Robert Simon 508.793.2295
Art History Robert Simon 508.793.2295
Asian Studies Eileen Cravedi 508.793.2672
Biology Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Business Elizabeth Pawlowski 508.793.3473
Chemistry Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Classics Jennifer Whelan 508.793.2254
Computer Science Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Abigail Roselieb 508.793.2642
Dance Robert Simon 508.793.2295
Deaf Studies & Sign Languages Abigail Stambach 508.793.2506
Economics Elizabeth Pawlowski 508.793.3473
Education Eileen Cravedi 508.793.2672
English Abigail Roselieb 508.793.2642
Environmental Studies Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Gender, Sexuality & Women's & Studies Eileen Cravedi 508.793.2672
Geosciences Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
History Jennifer Whelan 508.793.2254
International Studies Elizabeth Pawlowski 508.793.3473
Latin American, Latinx, & Caribbean Studies  Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Legal Studies Jennifer Whelan 508.793.2254
Mathematics  Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Music Robert Simon 508.793.2295
Naval Science Eileen Cravedi 508.793.2672
Neuroscience Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Peace & Conflict Studies Elizabeth Pawlowski 508.793.3473
Philosophy Eileen Cravedi 508.793.2672
Physics Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Political Science Elizabeth Pawlowski 508.793.3473
Psychology Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Religious Studies Jennifer Whelan 508.793.2254
Sociology Elizabeth Pawlowski 508.793.3473
Spanish Laura Wilson 508.793.2740
Studies in World Literature Abigail Roselieb 508.793.2908
Studio Art Robert Simon 508.793.2295
Theatre Robert Simon 508.793.2295
World Languages, Literatures & Cultures Eileen Cravedi 508.793.2672



Joanna Flanagan

First Year Engagement Librarian
Dinand 208
Phone: 508-793-3886