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HC Libraries 101

Created by our Peer Research Consultants!

More Library Services

Personal Research Sessions (PRS)

Having trouble getting started with a research paper? Have a topic but don't know where to start? Need help with a thesis?

Schedule a Personal Research Session (PRS)! These Sessions are private and personalized to your specific assignment. You will meet one-on-one with a Research Librarian. Each session lasts 30 minutes.

Peer Research Help (P2P)

Busy during the PRS time slots? Have more availability in the evening? Do you prefer to meet with a student?

If so, use Peer Research Help and schedule a Peer2Peer Session! In these sessions, you will meet with a trained Holy Cross student who will help you learn how to navigate and make use of the resources that the Holy Cross Libraries has to offer. A Peer2Peer Session also lasts 30 minutes per session, is private, and is personalized to your topic.

A Poster Listing the Services offered during private Peer Research Sessions. The top of the page reads, "does your research journey have you feeling lost?" Below this text, a boy stands in front of a map, looking confused. Dotted Lines connect purple bubbles with the services offered in a Peer Research session. A bubble reading "Your Research" is in the middle of the page. The others read: 1-on-1 help, finding and choosing scholarly sources, navigating databases and Cross Search, Help using academic journals and citing sources. The Bottom Text reads, "For help from beginning to end, Book a Peer Research Session!"

Writer's Workshop

Got a paper assigned for class? Don't know where to start? Need help proofreading? The Writer's Workshop is the right place to go to get an answer to all these questions and more.

The Center for Writing at Holy Cross holds a Writer's Workshop Sunday - Friday at various times. Each appointment is 45 minutes long and you will get one-on-one help from a specially trained peer.

If this sounds like something that you're interested in, please visit their website, read their Frequently Asked Questions, and book an appointment.

Academic Services and Learning Resources (ASLR)

ASLR offers many different types of tutoring, workshops, and support for all Holy Cross students. They include:

- Academic workshops on time management, note taking, and goal setting

- Individual learning assistance with personalized study tips and with deciding on a major

- STEM+E tutoring for physics, biology, computer science, math, accounting, psychology, and economics

- Peer Assisted Learning for General Chemistry (CHEM 181 and 231) and Organic Chemistry courses (CHEM 221 and 222)

- Plus much more!

Check out the ASLR website for more information.