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RELS 116: Catholicism (Clark)

Spring 2020

Scripture Resources


The Libraries own many different editions and translations of the Bible.  
We have Bibles in the reference section for in-library use as well as in the stacks for you to check out. 


Call Numbers: 

BS11-115 Bible. Early Versions. 
BS125-198 Bible. Modern texts and versions. English
BS199-355 Bible. Modern texts and versions. Other languages
BS410-680 Bible. Works about the Bible. 
BS701-1830 Bible. Old Testament.
BS1901-2970 Bible. New Testament


Bible Commentaries

Bible commentaries provide detailed analysis (often verse-by-verse) of scripture. There are many different commentaries available for each book of the Bible, and each will take a different approach -- providing historical, theological, or other perspectives on each aspect of the text. 

To find Bible commentaries in the library catalog, try doing a Subject search in the Classic Catalog for " Bible. N.T. [name of book] – commentaries."

If a book is numbered (for example, 1 Corinthians) you will need to put the number after the name of the book -- so, for example,Bible. N.T. Corinthians, 1st -- Commentaries.

You can also look for specific commentary series, for example: 

Bible Dictionaries

Bible dictionaries are another reference source that can assist you in reading and interpreting scripture. Bible dictionaries contain detailed entries on themes, persons, events and other concepts found in scripture, and their significance. 


Bible concordances attempt to index every appearance of a specific term, name, etc., in a particular version of the Bible. There are general concordances for the entire Bible, as well as some concordances for specific books of the Bible. 

Note that when choosing a concordance, the version of the Bible is very important -- since every translation is different, you need a concordance that matches your translation of the Bible so that the wording of different verses aligns. 

To find Bible concordances in the library catalog, try doing a Subject search in the Classic Catalog for "Bible -- Concordances."

Dinand Library does not own any concordances to the newest edition of the New American translation (the revised version available through the USCCB), but we do have two concordances for the original New American translation, which are listed below: