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ANTH 271: Anthropology of Peace and War (Fox): Books


When you don't have a particular title of a book in mind, begin by searching for key terms about your research topic.  Then look at the tags to the right of your search results or the tags at the bottom of the page.  These tags will help you refine or revise your search.

Once you've found some books on your topic, look at the subject headings for those books. You can follow the subject heading links in the catalog to find similar books, or you can use the terms in the subject headings to revise your search strategies.

Subject headings that may be of interest for your research in this class:

Women--Afghanistan--Social conditions.
Afghanistan--Social life & customs.
Iraq--Social conditions.
Pakistan--Social conditions.




Holy Cross Library Catalog
Books at Dinand are arranged by Library of Congress Call Number. Most books on anthropology are located in the GN call number range (mezzanine level of the library), but relevant titles can be found throughout the library's collection.

  Video: How to Read Call Numbers

  • Reference books are located in the Main Reading Room. 
  • Call numbers A through G are on the upper (Mezzanine) level. Many of your search results will be in the GN section of the stacks, but you will probably find in other sections of the library as well. For example, the D section has books about history and the H section has books about many of the social sciences.
  • Call numbers H through Z are on the lower (Ground) level, with a few exceptions. Call numbers beginning with ‘M” are located in the Music Library and “Q, R, S, T” are in the Science Library.

The are over 49 million  bibliographic records in WorldCat, covering books, journals, audiovisual materials, etc. Try searching for a topic of interest here. If HC has the book, you will see the words "COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS," highlighted in blue. If you'd like a book that HC does not have, submit an interlibrary loan request.