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PSYC 222: Sensation & Perception (Mruczek): Home

O'Callahan Science Library

View of the stacks in O'Callahan Science LibraryThe O’Callahan Science Library has over 95,000 physical volumes and increasing numbers of electronic product occupies the entire first floor of Swords Hall, the central portion of the five-building Integrated Science Complex. The Science Library subscribes to over 50 major article databases just in the science disciplines, which contain access to thousands of journals. 

The Library serves Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science and Physics, as well as the more neuroscientific side of Psychology.

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You Should Know

For PSYC 222, you should know the following library research skills:

  • How to access the libraries' homepage
  • How to search research databases such as Scopus or PubMed
  • How to evaluate resources that you find in a database, and identify various types of articles including primary research articles, secondary review articles, and general articles.
  • How to read a citation to identify authors names, article titles, journal titles, volume and issue numbers, dates, and doi numbers.
  • The definition of a "permalink," how to find them in a library database, and when to use them instead of a link in the browser's address bar.
  • How to find the full text of an article, and how to use interlibrary loan to access articles we do not own in the libraries' collections

This online guide covers many of these topics.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Science Librarian Laura Wilson (contact information is on the "Help" page of this guide).

Course Book on Reserve

The course textbook is currently on reserve in the Science Library.  You are able to check the book out, for in library use, for 2 hour periods.

Study Rooms

There are four group study rooms in the Science Library.  At the current time, only one room, Study Room 1, may be reserved in advance by a member of the Holy Cross community.  Study Rooms 2-4 are only available on a first come, first served basis.