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HIST 209: Hamilton's America (Miller): Start Here: Working with Period Newspapers

Spring 2022

Working With Period Newspapers

Library Databases:

Below are listed primary source databases where you can access newspapers from Hamilton's America: 

Newspaper Databases @ HC: 

Newspaper Databases @ BPL: 

With a BPL eCard, available to all Massachusetts residents (and students), you can also search the following: 

Primary Source Databases Containing Newspapers: 

Suggested Web Resources:
There are many wonderful primary source collections available online through various museums, libraries and other cultural institutions. Below are listed a few such places where you can find early American newspapers:

Analyzing Primary Sources

These resources will help you think through the process of evaluating primary sources: 

Understanding the 18th Century Press: 

The resources on this tab are designed to help you understand the process of journalism and newspaper publishing in Hamilton's America. 

Video Orientation to Antebellum American Newspapers (c/o American Antiquarian Society)

Websites, Articles & Chapters: 


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