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GERM 402: German Romanticism (Schmitz-Burgard): Finding Books


Searching for books is often best done by either Keywords or Subject Headings. Start with a Keyword search and identify some relevant books. Then look at the subject headings for those books. You can follow the subject heading links in the catalog to find similar books, or you can use the terms in the subject headings to revise your search strategies.

Example of a Keyword search and possible Subject Headings:

Keyword Search:
German literature

Subject Headings:


Holy Cross Library Catalog

The are over 49 million  bibliographic records in WorldCat, covering books, journals, audiovisual materials, etc. Try searching for a topic of interest here. If HC has the book, you will see the words "COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS," highlighted in blue. If you'd like a book that HC does not have, submit an interlibrary loan request.

How to Read Call Numbers