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SPAN 499: Transatlantic Golden Age Literature (Carcelén-Estrada): Finding articles

Recommended databases

Tracing a Journal Citation

If you already have the citation information for an article, don't use the databases -- you can track it down directly through the eJournals portal! 


All the information that you will need is in this citation. You can find some tips for using the eJournals portal here.  Can't find the journal in eJournals? Check the catalog to see if we have a paper copy in the library: 


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) - Articles

Have you ever discovered a journal article that would be perfect for your research topic, only to learn that Holy Cross doesn't have access to it? That's where InterLibrary Loan comes in. 

InterLibrary Loan or ILL is a service that allows you to request resources -- including journal articles-- owned by other libraries all over the US, and in some cases, around the world! Once you've placed a request, another library will send a scan of the article to Holy Cross, and it will be delivered directly to your e-mail. 

Keep in mind: Depending on how long it takes a library to accept the request and scan the article, it can take up to 1 week (though usually less) to arrive. Make sure to plan ahead!

You might come across citations for articles through our research databases. Or, you might see them cited in another resource. In the databases, use the  button to start the request process; otherwise, visit the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan page on our website to log-in and get started. 

To learn more about Interlibrary Loan, watch this video .


In addition to searching the research databases listed here, you may also want to try searching in specific subject specific journals. Search Holy Cross' EJournal list here.

Examples of journals:

Print Journals

While many journal articles are available online, keep in mind that some journal are only available in print. You'll find relevant print journals in the call number range PQ6001 - PQ8929

The journals listed below are available only in print. The MLA International Bibliography database indexes these journals so article citations from these journals will be included in your MLA search results. You can then use the citation information to locate the article in Dinand. 

Journal volumes cannot be checked out from Dinand, but you'll be able to scan the pages of any article that you'd like to read for your research. There are two book scanners on the first floor fo Dinand.