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PSYC 221: Physiology & Behavior (Bitran): Citations

Fall 2023

Academic Honesty & Academic Integrity

This guide offers resources for understanding and practicing academic integrity.

APA Citation Help

Book with a single author or editor

(Walker, 2000, p. 10). 

Walker, S., ed. (2000).  Ancient faces: Mummy portraits from Roman Egypt. New York: Routledge. 

Journal article from an online database

(Montserrat, 1993, p. 220). 

Montserrat, D. (1993). The representation of young males in 'Fayum portraits.' The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, 79: 215-25.

Newspaper article from an online database

(Riding, 1997, 13).

Riding, A. (1997, April 26). Under the probing gaze of the Egyptian dead. New York Times, 26 April 1997. New York Times, 13. 

Page from a website

(Sabino, 2019, para. 2)

Sabino, R. (2019, Oct. 23). Gilding the dead: Mummy portraits in Roman Egypt. Art Institute Chicago.