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ENGL 366: Modern British Novel (Haley)

You Have A Citation...Now What?

While many of the Holy Cross research databases are full text  (meaning you can download a PDF immediately), this is not always the case. 

This page is designed to help you locate a resource when the database gives you a citation, but nothing else. 

Tracking Down A Citation

If you already have the citation information for an article, don't use the databases -- you can track it down directly through our E-Journals List!  


All the information that you will need is in this citation. You can find some tips for using the eJournals portal here.  Can't find the journal in E-Journals? Check the catalog to see if we have a paper copy in the library: 

Still can't find the article?  Request it through Interlibrary Loan. You can fill out the form manually, or, if you've found the article cited in a database, the button usually includes will give you an option to place a request: