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Mont 154S: History of Accounting (Teitel)

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Visit the Libraries' homepage to try our discovery tool, CrossSearch

CrossSearch provides a single starting point for your research by collecting most of our research resources -- the catalog, research databases, open-access journals and more -- behind a single search box. Once you have begun to search CrossSearch, you can fine tune your results to focus on specific types of resources, publication dates, subject areas, and more.


Find E-Books


To search for e-books located at Holy Cross, you can use CrossSearch.

Then, use the Resource Type limiter in the side navigation to focus your search on e-books. 


In most cases, your best option is to use the "Read Online" feature for our e-books. Most academic e-books do not work with devices that you might use to read personal e-books, such as a Kindle or Nook (believe me -- this frustrates librarians too!). There is software that you can download onto a PC or iPad, but this can be difficult to use, so if you have a stable internet connection, I recommend reading online. 

However, if you would like to download the software, or if you are having trouble accessing any particular e-book, please feel free to contact us ( or see our e-books guide linked below: 

NOTE that most e-books do have limits on printing. Each publisher has different functionality and rules for downloading and printing ebooks. 


In addition to our collections, here are some other places that you can look for e-books for your project: 

     Other Libraries

With a BPL eCard, available to all Massachusetts residents and resident students (even if you're currently learning from out-of-state), you can access e-books via the Boston Public Library. 
*Note that you cannot submit a new BPL eCard registration from outside the U.S. 

You should also check with your local community and/or state library, as many of these libraries have online collections. Contact if you need help locating information about what may be available to you locally.

 Open-Access E-Books: 

This list includes e-book sources which are openly and freely available:


Even if you don't find any e-books on your topic in CrossSearch, you might still find some useful books by searching the individual e-book libraries. 

By searching a specific e-book collection, you can search search the full text of each book, allowing for more detailed searching which might pick up, for example, a book with one or two chapters focused on your specific topic.