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VAHI 100: Introduction to Visual Arts (Stein)

Visual Arts Suggested Resources

Grove Art Online video

In Class Activity

In Class Stacks Searching Activity

  1. Pick an artist and type their name into the catalog search.
  2. Limit the location to Dinand library using the filters on the side.
  3. Select a book on that artist in the visual arts stacks. Write down the Call number.
  4. Use the call number to track down the book in the Visual Arts Stacks
    1. NOTE: When you find your book, take some time to look at the titles around it- do any of them look useful for research on your topic?
  5. Show Abby Rose the call number and book you've retrieved. Get a sticker from Abby Rose if you get it right!
  6. Put book on re-shelving cart and return upstairs