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A Guide To...Africana Studies

This guide is a starting point for research in Africana Studies. The guide includes recommended resources and tips for effective research.

Finding Books for Your Research


Try exploring CrossSearch for books and articles related to your topic.   To search for only books, click the "Catalog Only" button in the left menu of the results page.



Locating Books

Books at Holy Cross Libraries are arranged by Library of Congress Call Number.

At Dinand, call numbers A through G are on the upper (Mezzanine) level. Call numbers H through Z are on the lower (Ground) level, with a few exceptions. Call numbers beginning with "M" are located in the Music Library and “Q, R, S, T” are in the Science Library. 

For research in Africana Studies, you may find relevant titles in several different call number ranges. For example, you will find many books in the D, E and F sections as many history books are classified under call numbers starting with D (history of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia), E or F (history of the Americas). Each letter of the call number system is further divided into subclasses. For example, many books on the history of Africa are in the DT section. You may also find relevant titles in the J section (Political Science) and H section (Social Sciences).

For more information about Library of Congress Classification, please see the Library of Congress' Classification Outline and check out this tutorial.

Dinand Stacks Map