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Visit the Writer's Workshop

All writers, no matter their skill level, benefit from sharing their writing with others. The Writer’s Workshop supports students’ development as writers and communicators at any stage of the writing process as they write in any genre, and in any discipline. 

At the Writer's Workshop, on Dinand's second floor, Holy Cross students meet with trained, peer consultants to talk about their progress as writers. Consultants guide students toward the path to becoming more confident writers by: 

  • discussing assignments 
  • brainstorming ideas 
  • creating outlines to organize and write a first draft 
  • improving organization and clarity of their already written drafts 
  • developing and better articulating their ideas from first to polished drafts

The Workshop is staffed by trained peer consultants who help students expand their repertoires of effective writing strategies during individual, 45-minute appointments. We take revision seriously and understand that writing and rewriting play a significant role in a liberal arts education. All writers, no matter their skill level, benefit from sustained conversations about their work. Consultants work with students on essays, seminar papers, lab reports, literature reviews, reflections, personal statements, and almost any genre of writing you can think of. If a student is using words, we are ready to talk about it.

-Taken from the Writer's Workshop website:

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