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How To...Research a Debate (Yuhl)

Created for HIST 205 (Yuhl), Spring 2024

Many research databases include PDF articles that you can open with a single click. 

But some articles, or databases, require a few extra steps. This could be because...

  ...the database is like a bibliography and includes citations only; 
  ...we have paid to access that particular article through a different database;
  ...we subscribe to that particular journal in print and don't have the article online; 
  ...we don't have immediate access to the article, but we can get it for you from another library! 

And of course, while we're learning remotely, you might need to take advantage of a few extra workarounds.  
But don't worry -- this page will teach you how to handle all of these situations!  

Article Citations

Being able to follow a citation is crucial for research! If you have a citation, you can use those skills to track down the full-text of the article directly using the E-Journals search

All of the information that you need to track down an article is located in its citation -- like this one below! Note that the | is not part of the citation -- these symbols mark where each component of the citation begins and ends.  


Glater, Jonathan D. | "The Narrative and Rhetoric of Student Debt." | Utah Law Review |  2018, | no. 4 

Author                                                       Title of Article                                                                   Title of Journal                Volume Issue

| (2018):| 885-895|

     Date               Pages                    DOI, stable URL or database

 Instructions for using the E-Journals search to find articles