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POLS 103: Introduction to International Relations (Thomas)

CrossSearch - Find Everything

Visit the Libraries' homepage to use CrossSearch

CrossSearch provides a single starting point for your research by collecting most of our research resources -- the catalog, research databases, open-access journals and more -- behind a single search box. Once you have begun to search CrossSearch, you can fine tune your results to focus on specific types of resources, publication dates, subject areas, and more.

Ebooks and Articles

*Important! You must log in to CrossSearch at the top of the page when you're off-campus! Don't forget, or you will have a skimpy list of results!

When you search CrossSearch, you will get a list of results that includes ebooks, print books, articles, news transcripts - everything! You can limit your results on the left side of the CrossSearch screen, but keep in mind that even though articles might be your first choice, don't discount ebooks. We have a huge selection, and often an entire ebook will treat a subject more broadly and thoroughly than one article will. In the end, it's up to you to critique your sources and make the best decision about which resources fit the bill. 

If you are overwhelmed with results and need help whittling down the list, feel free to reach out to me anytime, or set up a Personal Research Session (see "Research Assistance" in this guide). I can meet with you over the phone, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Alicia Hansen:

Limit to Online Material

When using CrossSearch to search everything from off-campus, don't forget to login with your CAS username and password so you see our complete holdings and not just the guest view.  


You can limit results using the left menu to:

Catalog/Full Text Only (includes books, ebooks, and full text articles)

Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals

Catalog Only (includes Ebooks)