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RELS 118: New Testament (Johnson Hodge): Resources for Context

Spring 2024

Sources for Understanding the Bible

Sources for Historical Context

Try searching for books using a very basic keyword search. Books tend to be on broad topics, so the terms you search with should be broad, too! Once you've found a few books that look interesting to you, you can use clues from the books to help you find other books. For example.... 

  • Call Numbers. Books on similar subjects are in similar areas of the library. For example, if you search for books about Paul, you would see pretty quickly that many are at the call number BS2505. This means you can easily go to that section of the library and look through the books in person! 
  • Vocabulary. Check the records in the library catalog for vocabulary in the tables of contents, titles, descriptions or other information that you might use for future searches. 
  • Subjects. Every book in our catalog is marked with at least 1 "tag" that tells you what the book is mostly about, and links together other books on that same topic. You can click on the tags to find a list of all other books using that tag. For example, if you click on the tag --Paul, > the Apostle, Saint. -- you would find all of our books marked as being about Paul.