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CHEM 335: Quantum Mechanics & Spectroscopy (Avila-Bront): SciFinder-n


Getting Started with SciFinder-n

Searching for...

  • All: The broadest search.  Finds substances, reactions, references, and suppliers.
  • Substances: Search by substance name, CAS registry number, patent number, etc.
  • Reactions: Search by substance name, CAS registry number, patent number, or chemical structure that identifies a substance that participates in the reaction.
  • References: use this option to search for articles.
  • Suppliers: Search for suppliers by substance name, CAS registry number, or chemical structure.
  • Sequences: Search by protein/nucleotide string
  • Retrosynthesis:  Performs a retrosynthetic analysis on a drawn or imported target structure.

Filtering Results

  • Document Type: select "Journal" to only see journal articles
  • Substance Role: displays the references that describe the searched substance(s) in that role
  • Language: displays references in the selected languages
  • Publication Year: limits the results to a specific year, or range of years
  • Author: limits by authors name - discover scholars who publish a lot about the topic
  • Organization: limits by an organization
  • Publication Name:  displays the results from within a specific publication, such as a specific journal
  • Concept: these are terms related to your keyword search.  You can limit your results to specific "concepts" to narrow the focus of your search.
  • CAS Solutions: displays results using CAS' Analytical Methods.
  • Formulation Purpose: appears where there is formulation content in the currently displayed result set.
  • Database: limit by CAplus or MEDLINE
  • CA Section: data in Chemical Abstracts is categorized into 80 different categories.  This option allows you to limit results by one ore more of those categories.
  • Search Within Results: narrow your original search by adding in more keywords

Article Type Chart

Use this chart to compare the different types of articles you may find in a library database.

Interlibrary Loan

Request materials that we do not own in the Holy Cross Libraries' collections.  These materials will be lent from other libraries.  

Note:  Electronic articles or scanned book chapters usually take 1-2 business days or longer.  Print materials need to be shipped through the postal mail, and generally take 5-10 business days or longer.  

** Login to the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan System using your campus email account.  If this is the first time you're using the system, you will need to set up an account. **