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PSYC 201: Research Methods: About the Libraries

Dinand Library

The front of Dinand Library at sunsetAs part of a post-World War I campus expansion, Dinand Library was originally designed by the Boston architectural firm of Maginnis & Walsh to be a defined space for study on the campus. Named in honor of Bishop Joseph N. Dinand, S.J. who served as President of Holy Cross from 1911-1918 and from 1924-1927, the library was dedicated in 1927 and renovated in 1979 when the Hiatt wings were added.  Dinand Library is located at the center of campus and is the main campus library.

Call Numbers & Locations


If the call number
begins with....
Go to: 
A - G Dinand Stacks, Mezzanine (Upper) Level
H - L  Dinand Stacks, Ground (Lower) Level
M Music Library
N, TR Dinand Visual Arts Wing, Main Level
P Dinand Stacks, Ground (Lower) Level
Q - T Science Library
U - Z Dinand Stacks, Ground (Lower) Level


Oversize Books

If a book is listed as being located in one of the following locations...

Dinand Library Oversize
Music Library Oversize

OR, if the call number includes a plus sign (+) -- for example, B2294 +G34 2011 --, it means that the book is taller than normal and had to be stored separately, in the oversize section. Oversize books are located at the end of each letter section. For example, you would find the call number above between the 'normal' B section and the start of the C section. Some call numbers have a ++, and will be found between the + section and before the start of the next letter section. There is no oversize section in the Science Library. 

To see our online journals, visit the EJournals Search.

Recent journals and newspapers in print are located in the Dinand Main Reading Room.
These are organized A-Z on the left side of the Main Reading Room (opposite the patio). 

The Science Library keeps new journals (unbound, single issues of journals published in the current calendar year) organized A-Z in the front (East) end of the library. Older issues are bound together into hard cover volumes. These bound journals, as well as single issues of journals published previously to the current year, are located in the back (West) end of the Science Library.

Recent periodicals in the Music Library are stored A-Z on the periodical shelf, for easy reading. Back issues of each journal are stored behind the displays. 

At Holy Cross, we organize our books using a system called Library of Congress Classification or LCC. LCC is based on the subject of the books. Each letter represents a specific subject. Each subject is broken down into more specific letter sections, each of which is further broken down into number ranges for specific topics. For example: 

  • P is the area for languages and literature, and has subsections from PA to PZ covering the study of language and the literature of different languages and cultures. 
  • PR is the section for English language literature. 
  • PR750 to PR890 is the number range for English prose literature.

You will also see extra numbers and letters on the end of most call numbers, which are based on things like the author’s name. We use these to give each book a unique spot on the library shelves. 

Library of Congress Classification Areas: 


Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

Archaelogy, Genealogy, etc.
World History
General History of Americas & U.S.

Local History of Americas & U.S. 
Geography & Anthropology


Social Sciences
Political Science
Fine Arts
Languages & Literatures

Military Science
Naval Science
Information Science


Culture as History: The Transformation of American Society in the Twentieth Century 

by Warren I. Susman.  
Dinand E169.1 .S9733 1984 [see it in CrossSearch!]






Subject (General U.S. History) 

Author (Susman) 

Publication date

For more details about Library of Congress Classification, please see the 
Library of Congress' Classification Outline.

  1. Books are arranged alphabetically by the first letter or letters, then numerically by the number following the letter(s).
  2. If the first letter and number combination is the same, then shelve alphabetically by the next letter and in decimal order by the following number. Ex  - B3.C3 1990 comes before B3.D4 1990
  3. The last line of the call number often represents the year of publication. 

O'Callahan Science Library

View of the stacks in O'Callahan Science LibraryThe O’Callahan Science Library has over 95,000 physical volumes and increasing numbers of electronic product occupies the entire first floor of Swords Hall, the central portion of the five-building Integrated Science Complex. The Science Library subscribes to over 50 major article databases just in the science disciplines, which contain access to thousands of journals. 

The Library serves Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science and Physics, as well as the more neuroscientific side of Psychology.

Course Reserves

Interlibrary Loan

Request materials that we do not own in the Holy Cross Libraries' collections.  These materials will be lent from other libraries.  

Note:  Electronic articles or scanned book chapters usually take 1-2 business days or longer.  Print materials need to be shipped through the postal mail, and generally take 5-10 business days or longer.  

** Login to the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan System using your campus email account.  If this is the first time you're using the system, you will need to set up an account. **