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ENGL 100: Intro to Literary Study: Ireland (Reynolds)

CrossSearch - Find Everything

Visit the Libraries' homepage to try our discovery tool, CrossSearch

CrossSearch provides a single starting point for your research by collecting most of our research resources -- the catalog, research databases, open-access journals and more -- behind a single search box. Once you have begun to search CrossSearch, you can fine tune your results to focus on specific types of resources, publication dates, subject areas, and more.


What is CrossSearch?

CrossSearch is a tool that allows users to simultaneously search the Holy Cross Libraries' collections and includes:

  • books, ebooks, archival materials, media and music scores owned by the Holy Cross Libraries.
  • research databases like Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, ARTstor and ProQuest Central.
  • e-journal collections like JSTOR and ScienceDirect.
  • the Holy Cross digital repository CrossWorks.
  • Open Access collections such as HathiTrust Digital Library.

Using CrossSearch

By default, CrossSearch retrieves items in the Holy Cross Libraries' collections that match your search terms.  To expand your results, uncheck "Catalog & Full Text Only" on the results screen.  If you discover an item we do not have access to,  you may need to place an interlibrary loan request.  

More Resources

Not everything owned by the Holy Cross Libraries is included in CrossSearch.  You may wish to search individual research databases using our Research Databases list.  


Assignment specific information

To cite a movie in MLA 9th Edition style from a specific streaming service, see the format below:

Movie Title. Contributor(s), Production Company, Year of Release. Streaming Service, URL.


Contributors can mean just the director and writer, or it can also mean the director and some of the leading cast if their performance is relevant to what you are trying to cite. If you were citing the video to speak on Amy Adams performance in American Hustle, you would want to include her as a contributor. It may look like this:

American Hustle. Directed by David O. Russell, written by Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell, starring Amy Adams,     
Columbia Pictures, Atlas Entertainment, Annapurna Pictures, 2013. Amazon Prime, .