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How To...Use the Libraries After Graduation

How to find and access articles and other information resources after leaving Holy Cross

Visit Your Local Public Library

users sitting in a public libraryYour local public library may provide a free or for-fee interlibrary loan service for requesting books and other materials from other libraries. Your library may also provide access to some databases.

Resources for Massachusetts Residents:

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Special Libraries

Special libraries serve specific communities and provide specialized information resources. These libraries may include court libraries, government libraries, medical libraries, news libraries, and more, and in some cases, will allow public access.

Other Libraries

Look for public walk-in rights at academic libraries near you, or consider joining an independent library, such as the Boston Athenaeum, if they have access to resources that would be helpful for your work. While independent libraries charge a membership fee, the fee may be reduced for new or younger members.