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ECON 112: Principles of Microeconomics (Schwab): Books

Search for books in the HC Libraries Collection

To search for books and e-books here on campus, use CrossSearch to "search everything" and then limit your results to "catalog only". 

Examples of books available in the Holy Cross Libraries:  

Locating Books in the Holy Cross Libraries

Books at Holy Cross Libraries are arranged by Library of Congress Call Number.

At Dinand, call numbers A through G are on the upper (Mezzanine) level. Call numbers H through Z are on the lower (Ground) level, with a few exceptions. Call numbers beginning with "M" are located in the Music Library and “Q, R, S, T” are in the Science Library.

Dinand Mezzanine Level


 Dinand Ground Level


Find books in other libraries



As a student of Holy Cross, you are able to check out books from the Worcester Public Library as well as most colleges and universities in Worcester.  See the Circulation Desk in Dinand to get an ARC card (Academic & Research Collaborative) - this card will enable you to check out books immediately from other schools in our area. 

Search for books in the Worcester Public Library, and other libraries in the area:  Worcester Public Library Catalog