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How To...Get Started with Research

General Databases - For Any Subject!

What is a "general" database? 

"General" databases are databases that hold information about many subjects in one place. 

When should I use a general database? 

General databases are best to use when: 

  • You're not sure of your specific topic, and/or are just starting your research, and you want to explore a little; 
  • Your topic is interdisciplinary (that is, it doesn't fit neatly into a specific subject area like "religion" or "science"); 
  • You're hoping to find information written from the perspective of a variety of different subject areas (for example, if you'd like to get perspectives from educators, psychologists and social workers all in one place). 

How do I find a general database? 

Most of the library's "general" databases are listed below. You might recognize a few names. The databases that your librarians recommend as most helpful for beginning and/or general research are tagged as "Best Bets."