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MONT 154N-S01: The Environment and Me (Hess)

Spring 2024

In Class Activity

For this activity, you will work in groups to evaluate a source. Each group will answer two of the six source evaluation questions. Add your answers to the Padlet in the appropriate column.

>> Click here to open the Padlet <<

The source we are evaluating is:

Bailey, Kerrice, Aman Basu, and Sapna Sharma. “The Environmental Impacts of Fast Fashion on Water Quality: A Systematic Review.” Water 14, no. 7 (April 2022): 1073. doi:10.3390/w14071073.

>> Click here to access the source. To view the full text, click on "LibKey Instant PDF." <<

You may want to refer to the Evaluating Sources page of this guide to see more details about the source evaluation questions.