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BIOL 162: Introduction to Mechanisms of Multicellular Life: Poster Citations

References on a Poster

Sources cited on a poster are generally shortened to maximize space.  Be sure to use in-text citations as you would in a research paper, and a shorted citation in the "References" section of the poster.  See the sources below for guidance on formatting references for a poster:

How to Shorten a Journal Title

Use these tools to identify the standard shortened title of a journal:

APA Citation Help

Book with a single author or editor

(Walker, 2000, p. 10). 

Walker, S., ed. (2000).  Ancient faces: Mummy portraits from Roman Egypt. New York: Routledge. 

Journal article from an online database

(Montserrat, 1993, p. 220). 

Montserrat, D. (1993). The representation of young males in 'Fayum portraits.' The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, 79: 215-25.

Newspaper article from an online database

(Riding, 1997, 13).

Riding, A. (1997, April 26). Under the probing gaze of the Egyptian dead. New York Times, 26 April 1997. New York Times, 13. 

Page from a website

(Sabino, 2019, para. 2)

Sabino, R. (2019, Oct. 23). Gilding the dead: Mummy portraits in Roman Egypt. Art Institute Chicago.