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SPAN 305: Introduction to Textual Analysis (Cibreiro): Tracing Citations

Citation Identification Exercise


In addition to searching the research databases listed here, you may also want to try searching in specific subject specific journals. Search Holy Cross' EJournal list here.

Examples of journals:

Finding Books in Other Libraries: WorldCat


Use WorldCat to discover what books other libraries have on your topic.  You can request to borrow these books for free through interlibrary loan.  

Search Tips:  

  • Be sure to check the "Find a Copy in the Library" section of a book record.  This will tell you whether or not the Holy Cross Libraries owns the book you are looking at.  If we do own the book, HC libraries staff will be able to scan and email chapters to you.  If we do not own the book, we will try our best to acquire a scan of the chapters from another library.
  • Identify in the book's Table of Contents which chapters would be helpful to your research.  Be sure to request these chapters and not the entire book.  Remember that copyright law allows us to scan approximately 20%, so choose your chapters wisely!
  • Be sure to start your research as early as possible.  During this time, many libraries are entirely closed and not offering ILL services.  We will do the best we can to fulfill all requests.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search