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How To...Find What's Where in Dinand Library: Office & Room Locations

Study Spaces

To see a list of study spaces in Dinand Library, click here

Offices & Rooms by Floor


Front Desk (including circulation, print reserves) 

Library Administration 

Research Desk 

Reference Collection & Current Periodicals 

Microfilm & Bloomberg Terminal

Stacks [Mezzanine Level] 

Interlibrary Loan 

Access Services, Content & Information Strategies,  Systems, Digital Scholarship staff 

Library Staff Conference Room

Research, Teaching & Learning Staff [Rooms 203, 207 & 208] 

Peer Research Consultant [Room 203]

Center for Writing staff  [Rooms 210, 212 & 220] 

Scalia Educational Classroom

Debate Room [study space]

Writer's Workshop

Academic Services & Learning Resources

Faculty Room [STEM+E tutoring, study space] 

Stacks [Ground Level] 

Blue Room study area

Levis Browsing Room

Staff areas

Map of Dinand Library (with Q-Zones)

RED: QUIETEST Zone. Silent study -- no talking, no cell-phone use. Set phones to vibrate. 

YELLOW: QUIETER Zone. Occasional, quiet talking. No prolonged discussion, no cell phone use. Set phones to vibrate.

GREEN. QUIET Zone. Collaborative study. Cell phones allowed! Set phones to vibrate.

Dinand Library

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