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Finding Full Text - Following Citations

Being able to follow a citation is crucial for research! If you have a citation, you can use those skills to track down the full-text of the article directly using the E-Journals search

All of the information that you need to track down an article is located in its citation -- like this one below! Note that the | is not part of the citation -- these symbols mark where each component of the citation begins and ends.  

Wells, Julia C. | "In the Shadow of the Butcher: The Limits to Remembering in Post-Apartheid

Author                                                       Title of Article

South Africa." |The Public Historian | 36, | no. 2 | (2014): | 51-74.| 

                                                                      Journal                      Volume  Issue      Date          Pages


                        DOI, stable URL or database

 Instructions for using the E-Journals search to find articles