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A Guide To...Digital and Emerging Scholarship

This guide is dedicated to the advancement of digital and emerging scholarship at the College of the Holy Cross.

Further Education

To educate yourself further on research data management, check out these resources:

  • Data Information Literacy - This project aims to produce a community of trained librarians and disciplinary researchers who will share their skills with their institutions and local colleagues. The Purdue University Libraries partnered with the University of Minnesota, University of Oregon, and Cornell University to develop and implement data information literacy (DIL) instruction programs for graduate students.
  • Data Management Short Course for Scientists - The ESIP Federation, in cooperation with NOAA and the Data Conservancy, seeks to share the community's knowledge with scientists who increasingly need to be better data managers, as well as to support workforce development for new data management professionals. All courses are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license that allows you to share and adapt the work as long as you cite the work according to the citation provided.
  • DataONE Education - DataONE is a community driven program providing access to data across multiple member repositories, supporting enhanced search and discovery of Earth and environmental data. DataONE promotes best practices in data management through responsive educational resources and materials.
  • Digital Curation Center Training Materials - The DCC’s courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of a range of audiences and can provide skills development targeted at data management professionals, librarians, IT specialists and researchers, whether from public or private sector organizations.
  • DMT Clearinghouse - The Data Management Training (DMT) Clearinghouse is a registry for online learning resources focusing on research data management.
  • MANTRA - MANTRA is a free online course for those who manage digital data as part of their research project.
  • New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum - NECDMC is an instructional tool for teaching data management best practices to undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in the health sciences, sciences, and engineering disciplines.

Helpful Guides from Other Academic Institutions

Many academic institutions are on the forefront of research data. You can visit their guides for additionally helpful tips and resources.