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A Guide To...Digital and Emerging Scholarship

This guide is dedicated to the advancement of digital and emerging scholarship at the College of the Holy Cross.

Finding and Sharing Data

Are you on the lookout for similar research projects that may inform your own work? The best thing about the current push to correctly store and organize research data is that you should be able to find other data easily! It is equally important that you can discover data easily as it is that others can find yours.

There are many repositories where you can find data and share your own. A great place to start is re3data, a global registry of data repositories. Here, you can find repositories related to specific disciplines or more general databases. You may also consider consulting the Open Access Directory of Data Repositories, another registry of global repositories.

For more information or guidance in selecting a research repository, contact our Digital and Emerging Scholarship Projects Librarian, Nikki Tantum (

Holy Cross Data

Our institutional repository, CrossWorks, accepts data sets for preservation and access. This is a great place to store data according to requirements within grant guidelines. Contact Lisa Villa, Digital Scholarship Librarian, for more information (