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A Guide To...Digital and Emerging Scholarship

This guide is dedicated to the advancement of digital and emerging scholarship at the College of the Holy Cross.

Building a Data Management Plan

When building a data management plan, some things to consider are:

  • Guidelines and expectations from your institution and/or funding agency
  • The type of data that will be produced or collected
  • Total amount of data
  • Version tracking (will you be preserving data at difference stages in your study)
  • Backup policies and implementation
  • Team access of current data
  • Preservation options and requirements
  • Organizing and describing the data
  • Data access and sharing
  • Privacy, consent, intellectual property, and security issues
  • Budgeting for data management

DMP Tool

Data management planning can be complicated and overwhelming. DMP Tool is a great resource for finding some guidance on how to store, preserve, and organize your data. You can link the tool up with the guidelines for your institution/granting agency to make sure you are meeting all requirements necessary for your project.


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You can find examples of Data Management Plans through the University of Michigans Research Guide or through the Digital Curation Centre.